I offer counseling services in a variety of formats. I work with adults, seniors and adolescents. The majority of the work is focused on individual psychotherapy, which is one-to-one with each client. I also provide psychotherapy to couples and families.  The focus is on enhancing and clarifying relationships between individuals.  In many cases I work with two people who have reached an important and possibly difficult turning point in their relationship.

I also facilitate group therapy sessions. These sessions are an important tool in which a group of individuals facing similar issues work together to discover ways to move forward.

My Therapeutic Orientation is more Eclectic, that is, I integrate a blend of Therapeutic Modalities, drawn from several different schools of thought, that work best in a given situation. Some of these Therapeutic Models are:

Solution-Focused Therapy - The therapist constructs solutions rather than focusing on problems.  Solution focused, is more short-term therapy, focusing more on the present and future. I assist clients in finding solutions to problems, encouraging them to identify what is already working. The therapist’s role is helping to remove the barriers so that you will have a life you want.

Relaxation Therapy - This modality is often used treat clients with anxiety. It includes Holistic Healing, which focuses on the mind and body. Several Stress Reduction Techniques are used, including: The Emotional Freedom Technique, Deep Breathing Techniques, Visualization and the use of Positive Affirmations; and Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient Japanese art to release tensions that can cause physical symptoms.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - This intervention is based on the idea that changing our thoughts can change our feelings and behaviors. The therapist is more focused on solving the client’s problems concerning dysfunctional emotions, cognitions, and behaviors, using a goal-oriented approach. Cognitive Restructuring is used, which allows the client to externalize Negative Tapes, and internalize more positive ones, to improve self-image and the quality of life.