10 Ways To Win and Keep A Woman's Heart


I know guys, you are trying hard to understand what a woman wants so that you can keep the passion in the relationship going, so I’m going to give you some good tips to keep you on track for the best quality relationship of your life.

Here are a few ways to show your significant other that you value them:

  1. They want to be attended to in non-sexual ways, so that they can feel more emotionally connected and ready for intimacy. For example, ask her about her day and listen attentively. Wine and dine her a bit; treat her to nice candle lit dinner, and compliment how she looks.
  2. Look her in the eyes and tell her something you love and appreciate about her. Tell her how much she means to you.
  3. A random act of kindness can work wonders, like making her coffee or having breakfast ready for her in the morning.
  4. Women enjoy love notes. Surprise her and leave the note somewhere you know she will find it before she leaves the house for the day. Or, a text simply saying, “I love you.”
  5. Speak to her in a kind, loving voice. Let her know how much you love to see her happy. Tell her how your life is better because of her.
  6. Use little affectionate touches. Stroke her hand, her face, her hair. Always maintain good eye contact.
  7. Be vulnerable to feel closer to her. This is not a sign of weakness. Share intimate information, and admit deep emotion.
  8. Schedule a weekly date night. You pick the restaurant, her outfit and even her meal. This shows her you can step up and that you are completely invested in this relationship.
  9. Try to address issues by having dialoguing sessions at least once a week at home. Please stay present and take turns sharing. No judging or sarcasm, it’s dirty fighting. Always consider compromise. Remember, the goal is to come to a resolution of your issues so that your time together can be trusting, respectful and loving.
  10. The key thing to remember is that women want validation from you. They want to know that you value them intellectually, emotionally and physically. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

Use these helpful hints, even if you or she thinks they are out of character, you are showing her how you are trying to please her and that you are willing to change to maintain the intimacy of your relationship. Good luck guys!